Saturday, 22 August 2015

Wearable Art

We have been learning all about design on our way to create our wearable art garment. We started with some challenges…
1. In teams create and build the tallest tower
Our tower was very tall, but then it fell over...

We worked together; sharing ideas and elping each other. We have learned that it is really important to design and plan our creations before we start. This means we all know what we are trying to make.
2. Build a shelter for Leo our class bear
We learned that it can be very tricky to work in groups and we all have to take turns.
3. Work together to create a costume for 1 member of our team to model. 
Here we are in our costumes!
Workgin together to share ideas.

We remembered that it is important to design our work before we start. We also learned that we have to be careful with our materials, newspaper and tinfoil rip quiet easily.

We are going to use what we have learned to create our wearable arts garment.

Success Criteria:
Research and find my inspiration
Design and plan my garment (How I see things)
Follow my plan to create my garment
Create a garment that is going to last
Create a piece of art – an idea or a story or message

My story

My label it

My Plan

Photo of me in my garment

How I am going

Research and find my inspiration
Kerri thinks

Design and plan my garment (How I see things) 
Kerri thinks


Follow my plan to create my garment
Kerri thinks

Create a garment that lasts
Kerri thinks

Create a piece of art – an idea or a story or message
Kerri thinks


My favourite part was: I liked making the lantern and putting in the glow sticks because it glowed.

It was really hard when: using the pipe cleaners to stick the moths to the lantern.

Something that really helped me was: doing lots of thinking and my mum helped me with my making.

Something new I learned was: it is hard to get my ideas form my brain onto the paper when I am designing.

Kerri Thinks
Wow Jack! You had a clear vision of what you wanted to create and you worked hard to achieve it. You had loads of great ideas but did find it tricky to capture them on paper. When we woked together you could share explain your thinking and with support you created a great plan. You had to change your plan a little as you went to make it work and this is all part of the technology process (starting with planning, and then some creating, changing, creating and fixing). What great learning Jack!  
I bet you had a great time sharing your learning with mum.

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